Chef Natali

His resume is full of wild herbs and flavors. Kid , while others tap the ball , he runs the woods Dhuits, Sixfontaines , Plachet , Blinfeix Chapel … There are Bluebells , Gymnadénies vanilla smell fragrant, Solomon seals , wild asparagus , garlic bear , mushrooms … to tempt him. His vocation was born , storyteller tastes.



Storyteller tastes

At only 27, JB Natali became the youngest chef in France in 2002 and has since never lost its star. Today, it gives 18 months to earn a second Michelin star. His career: Martinez in Cannes, New York at Daniel Boulud, La Mamounia Marrakech and many business trips to Thailand and Asia.


Kitchen’s team

At the Hostellerie La Montagne, prefer to speak of a team since starred restaurant and hotel become one and that some family concept is required. Jean-Baptiste Natali course. The youngest star-starred Chef. International experience. References to make the best hopes green with envy.


Who’s backing him?

The remarkable chef Cyril Coutin. Clear blue-eyed with full of character, he’s Champenois as Jean-Baptiste. At 27, he has been around in renowned institutions : the Trianon Palace in Versailles, the Grenier à Sel in Nancy and L’Esperance by Marc Meneau in Vézelay .

Who’s helping him ?

With the sure touch of Christophe Charcosset, second cook  with convincing course : The Palme d’Or, le Martinez in Cannes, The Park in Mougins, The 541 in Colle sur Loup.

The young and talented pastry chef Matthieu Carré. Every day these only 22 years old man -a “local product” – gives the scope of his gourmand capacity.


Hélène Cassagnes-Natali. A native of Catalonia, Jean-Baptiste’s wife has acquired a solid grounding in toursim and et hotel business. Elle est passée par des maisons d’excellente tenue comme le Martinez à Cannes.

The butler and sommelier Mathieu Delagneau. His humour, his  detailed knowledge of wines, his « so british » style fits perfectly with this Maison, where his talent has found all its own place.

The service

Sophie Korniak, a native of Essoyes, is a young woman of 22 who learns quickly and whose pretty smile lights up dining rooms Bourgogne, Champagne or Toscane.

Natali’s Restaurant

Bourgogne, Champagne et Toscane

The charming restaurant is composed of 3 spacious and cosy dining rooms deliciously decorated with wooden panellings. They are arranged in a way that invites a soft and gentle light coming through the large French windows overlooking the park. Why this region of Italy? Why a “Michelangelo” bedroom, Tuscan native from Caprese Michelangelo in the province of Arezzo?  The purpose is to remind the visitor of the attachment of the Natali family to its country of origin. Tuscany is the uncontested premium in the art of living, from the landscapes to the architecture, from the canvas to the tablecloth. The tablecloth. White, soft to the touch, sober and highlighting well the beautiful plates made of earthenware.

Soul and places

Precising as soon as he arrives ” as every week, wonderful turbots coming directly from Roscoff, in Brittany, have been delivered”, Mathieu, the maître d’hôtel, brings the menu. ” The best moment for a gourmet is when he is looking at the menu.” From this point of view, the one of the charming restaurant ‘La Montagne’ prompts a great moment full of elation. You better judge by yourself just out of curiosity, the raise of curtains is required…

Charming hotel

“Here, I restore my serenity”

Charles de Gaulle

Which one is your bedroom? There are 9 of them, all pursuing the same goal : the pleasure of the eyes. A promise of beauty and elegance, as an invitation to travel in harmony with the cooking of the starred chef, Jean-Baptiste Natali: inventive and inspired, as much implanted in the soil as perfumed by winds from remote lands.

At the General’s table

We will have the pleasure to welcome you at the General’s Table, in the very centre of the village situated 30 meters from the cemetery and the car park. The restaurant is also 200 meters away from the ‘Boisserie’ and 400 meters from the Memorial.

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The Général’s menu

In order to make you discover the cooking of our chef Gerard NATALI and his service of quality, the chefs NATALI father and son will propose you different menus.

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For all information, contact us at the :
+33 (0)3 25 01 51 69
A La Table du Général
57 rue du Général de Gaulle
52330 Colombey-les-Deux-Églises

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Restaurant Jean-Baptiste Natali, Hostellerie,

The Table of the General


(French) Recrutement

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La Montagne – Natali’s charming hotel and restaurant

To book or for all information :

picto-telephone +33 (0)3 25 01 51 69
picto-plan10, Rue Pisseloup
52330 Colombey-les-Deux-Églises

La Montagne is closed every mondays and tuesdays.

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